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Nellie Rose

Nellie Rose makes her home and runs her textile studio in the mountain town of Thomas, West Virginia. There, she has her own boutique / shop / studio. Born to two prolific textile artists, the slow-fiber practice has been integral to her world from the start. She spends her days exploring color, texture, and design to create wearable pieces that inspire the innate playfulness of the human body. You can find her work across the country in boutiques, galleries, and museum shops.

Visit her website here.

5% of Nellie's sales will go to Snap Judgement Story TellingSnap Judgment storytelling creates empathy. They let listeners wear someone else’s skin—because you can’t hate someone if you know their story. Storytelling that changes the way people see people.

Nellie makes larger-than-life polka dot silk purses. Check them out below!